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MyCare Advantage offers Canadian policyholders an unprecedented health insurance benefit featuring medical expertise from US Centres of Excellence. When diagnosed with a serious illness or major orthopedic concern, MyCare offers you and your family access to a timely first or second medical opinion, and if required, additional diagnostics, on-site care or treatment at a US Centres of Excellence.

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MyCare Advantage is for individuals, couples and families, subject to a pre-existing condition clause. Please read this before submitting an application. For those with pre-existing conditions, MyCare Assist, a new fee-based program, may be able to assist you.


MyCare Advantage policyholders will not be required to seek treatment options in Canada regardless of whether the recommended treatment is available in Canada.

Let MyCare provide peace of mind that in the event of a serious illness, you and your loved ones have access to efficient and compassionate world-class medical care. Medical opinion, collaborative consultation and treatment at US Centres of Excellence are covered through MyCare Advantage in cases of serious illness and major orthopedic diagnosis.

MyCare is underwritten by international insurers. MyCare does not interfere in emergency medical care or medical services already scheduled in the public system and is subject to a pre-existing condition clause.

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