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The MyCare programs are not intended to replace services available in the Canadian public healthcare system and does not interfere in emergency medical care. MyCare is subject to a pre-existing condition clause.

MyCare members may request assistance with a diagnosis if a serious medical condition has not been diagnosed within sixty (60) days of their first evaluation by their attending primary care Physician, Specialist or Surgeon OR may request a medical second opinion when the Member is uncertain of a diagnosis already provided by their attending primary care Physician, Specialist or Surgeon.

Members who wish to receive benefits under this program are required to submit a Notice of Claim form. It is the responsibility of the claimant to produce any documentation required by any and/or all duly appointed representatives of MyCare to enable them to process and confirm the eligibility of the claim. Claim eligibility will be determined by MyCare in consultation with the Member’s Physician, Specialist or Surgeon.

Once the Notice of Claim form is received, MyCare's medical team will review the form to ensure claim validity and/or gather any pertinent medical information. Upon review of this information, a MyCare claims coordinator will contact you to discuss next possible steps.

For any questions relating to a claim or the claims process, please contact us.



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For questions, concerns or other requests relating to claims, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Phone: 604-428-5072
Fax: 604-677-6313

Toll-free phone: 877-497-9495
Toll-free fax: 877-247-9891



  • Thank you for giving me peace of mind during my claim. You were amazing to work with. I would recommend this to my friends and family so they can rest assured there is help out there!

    Nancy B., Winnipeg, MB

  • I was uncertain where to turn when I received a diagnosis of cancer, but then remembered that my employer implemented MyCare coverage for our entire company. Thanks to MyCare for stepping in and easing my stress while providing options.

    George D., Victoria, BC

  • My daughter was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease so we contacted MyCare right away. Upon review of her medical file and MRI scan, it was determined that she merely had a pinched nerve causing similar symptoms to that of MS. I thank my husband every day for pushing me to get a second opinion from MyCare.

    Patricia H., Kelowna, BC

  • MyCare assisted me with getting a diagnosis within a few weeks when my condition had not been diagnosed for over 6 years. I am fortunate that my boss added MyCare to our benefits as it literally saved my life!

    Christine F., Toronto, ON

  • I was initially skeptical about MyCare until I was recently told that I had a medical condition in which I needed to see a specialist. The wait was over 8 months and totally unacceptable so I contacted MyCare. They were able to assist me in a matter of weeks and got me a diagnosis without any further delays. I'm not sure what I would have done without them.

    Betty E., Regina, SK

  • The team at MyCare were extremely helpful while dealing with a breast cancer scare which turned out to be less severe than originally thought.

    Joan O., Windsor, ON

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