Diagnostic Plus

Introducing Fast-Tracked Diagnosis
for Potential Surgical Conditions

Don't wait in discomfort and uncertainty for a diagnosis. Get relief and clarity with MyCare Diagnostic Plus. From expert medical file review, surgical center consultations, personalized treatment recommendations, and seamless coordination with your attending physician, MyCare has you covered. 

MyCare Diagnostic Plus offers:

  • Expedited access to MRI and CT scans when requested by the attending physician
  • Services performed at independent diagnostic centres in Canada
  • Medical file compilation and review
  • Consultation with an independent Canadian surgical centre
  • Recommendations for treatment and associated costs
  • Coordination with attending physician and more!

    *Reimbursement of 60% of the charge for a scan at a duly-licensed facility

    *A pre-exisiting condition clause applies

To include coverage for required surgeries, upgrade to MyCare Surgical Waitlist Insurance

With a generous coverage of up to $500,000 CAD per year and a lifetime maximum of $1 million CAD.

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