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Pennies per day* can provide your employees or association members with the ultimate health benefit — access to initial diagnosis assistance or medical second opinions provided by US Centres of Excellence.

No medical qualification, deductibles or co-payments
Travel expenses are included
Coverage to age 80
Cost paid directly to medical service provider(s)


Plan members may upgrade to upgrade to MyCare Advantage. MyCare Advantage covers qualifying conditions that occur after policy inception.

*Per employee or association member.

Initial Diagnosis Assistance


Many Canadians have experienced long delays in finalizing a diagnosis of a serious illness which can severely impact health and result in prolonged illness, delayed treatment and even death. Complex conditions requiring multiple specialist consultations can take years to diagnose and in some cases may never be accurately diagnosed. MyCare Second Opinion works to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment plan are identified in days or weeks, instead of months or years.

MyCare Second Opinion provides the following features:

  1. Medical file compilation and review
  2. Electronic transfer of files
  3. Retest of pathology
  4. Additional specialist assessment(s)
  5. Additional diagnostic scans (MRI, CT, PET, etc.)
  6. Travel costs for approved specialist(s) assessments and diagnostic scans
  7. Collaboration with attending Canadian physicians
  8. Analysis reports including treatment recommendations
  9. Complex or difficult diagnosis – multiple specialist consultations
  10. Optional upgrade to full medical insurance for surgery or treatment at a US Centres of Excellence via MyCare Advantage Insurance.

Medical Second Opinion


A MyCare Second Opinion member uncertain of a diagnosis or concerned about the prescribed treatment plan may request a medical second opinion. This includes:

  1. Complete file compilation
  2. Electronic transfer of files
  3. Retest of pathology
  4. Additional specialist assessment(s)* if recommended by reviewing physician
  5. Additional diagnostic scan(s)** if recommended by reviewing physician
  6. Travel costs for approved specialist assessment(s) and diagnostic scan(s)
  7. Analysis report including a review of current treatment protocol
  8. Collaboration with attending Canadian physician
  9. Direct consultation with reviewing physician(s)
  10. Access to collaborative expertise by a team of physicians representing virtually every subspecialty of medicine.
  11. Optional upgrade to full medical insurance for treatment. Medical services provided through MyCare Advantage.

*All specialist assessments performed in Canada.
** All diagnostic scans performed in Canada.


Pre-existing condition clause

Please inquire with us on a possible waiver of the pre-existing condition clause for MyCare Second Opinion, only when 50 or more members are added as a group.


  • Thank you for giving me peace of mind during my claim. You were amazing to work with. I would recommend this to my friends and family so they can rest assured there is help out there!

    Nancy B., Winnipeg, MB

  • I was uncertain where to turn when I received a diagnosis of cancer, but then remembered that my employer implemented MyCare coverage for our entire company. Thanks to MyCare for stepping in and easing my stress while providing options.

    George D., Victoria, BC

  • My daughter was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease so we contacted MyCare right away. Upon review of her medical file and MRI scan, it was determined that she merely had a pinched nerve causing similar symptoms to that of MS. I thank my husband every day for pushing me to get a second opinion from MyCare.

    Patricia H., Kelowna, BC

  • MyCare assisted me with getting a diagnosis within a few weeks when my condition had not been diagnosed for over 6 years. I am fortunate that my boss added MyCare to our benefits as it literally saved my life!

    Christine F., Toronto, ON

  • I was initially skeptical about MyCare until I was recently told that I had a medical condition in which I needed to see a specialist. The wait was over 8 months and totally unacceptable so I contacted MyCare. They were able to assist me in a matter of weeks and got me a diagnosis without any further delays. I'm not sure what I would have done without them.

    Betty E., Regina, SK

  • The team at MyCare were extremely helpful while dealing with a breast cancer scare which turned out to be less severe than originally thought.

    Joan O., Windsor, ON

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