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MyCare Advantage is health insurance that provides coverage for serious illness and major orthopaedic conditions. With MyCare Advantage, costs for medical treatment at the appropriate facility and all related travel costs are covered. If you are enrolled as a plan member of a MyCare Second Opinion group plan, you qualify to upgrade to full insurance coverage via MyCare Advantage* for medical treatment at a top tier US healthcare facility at attractive group rates -- about 15-20 per cent less than MyCare's individual or family rate!

What Does MyCare Advantage Provide?


MyCare Advantage provides coverage for serious illness and major orthopedic conditions occurring after the inception of the policy*. Highlights include:

  • no deductibles or co-payments
  • all costs paid directly for treatment, surgery and travel
  • companion travel
  • no medical exam or questions
  • USD $500k per person per year benefit
  • USD $1M policy aggregate
  • Diagnostic Support Benefit: up to US$50,000 for additional diagnostic testing at a top tier US healthcare facility for Serious Medical Conditions
  • Discretionary Diagnostic Coverage: 60% reimbursement of up to US$5,000 per 18 month period for MRI or CT scans for any non-serious medical condition (upon the request of a physician)

MyCare does not interfere in emergency medical care or medical services already scheduled in the public system.

MyCare Advantage Pricelist


MyCare Advantage is subject to a pre-existing condition clause. This means a condition for which a plan member is given medical care, treatment, services, medication, diagnosis, diagnostic test or consultation during the 24 months prior to their effective date of plan membership. Services will not be available for the same medical condition(s) for the 12 months following the effective date of the plan membership. Major exclusions include congenital conditions, chronic conditions and related medical conditions.


MyCare Advantage Eligibility with a PHSP or HSA

MyCare Advantage premiums are eligible for Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) and Health Spending Account (HSA) tax deductions and coverage.

The MyCare Advantage Insurance is sold via approved, licensed insurance brokers/brokerages across Canada.




MyCare Advantage is eligible as an upgrade to existing MyCare HBO members. Payment of premiums will be completed via payroll deduction unless otherwise indicated. Contact your broker or third party administrator for any questions regarding applying.


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