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MyCare offers in-country support and assistance to patients seeking care at top tier US healthcare facilities.

Do you have a pre-existing condition? 

Are you on a waitlist for treatment or to see a specialist?

Are you looking to explore medical services provided by a top tier US healthcare facility?

MyCare Assist, a unique fee-based service, offers its patients medical options and consultations. MyCare Assist ensures that our patients receive the highest quality of healthcare in case of any medical concern.


The benefits of MyCare Assist: 

  • Dedicated local clinician team for gathering and review of medical records and previous diagnostic scans, full case management and consultation

  • Includes (if required): one diagnostic scan for MRI or CT, retest of pathology, genetic testing, ultrasound, x-ray, or lab work

  • Medical record and case translation for submittal to a top tier US healthcare facility for review

  • Consult report which includes analysis and treatment recommendations from a top tier US healthcare facility

  • Coordination of travel and hotel booking to a top tier US healthcare facility and other concierge services


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