MyCare Advantage Pricing Calculator


MyCare Insurance Program Price Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how little it will cost to get coverage through the MyCare Insurance Program.

Sample Calculations

Here are typical monthly premiums based on recent applications which demonstrate the affordability of this unique program:

Single, aged 45 — $51.33 per month*
Family, aged 38 — $68.83 per month*
Couple, aged 57 — $157.50 per month*

* There is no price difference between male or female applicants. Premiums shown above and all calculations for this program are based on the age of oldest applicant. All examples shown above are from non-smoking households. Premiums are based on age and defined in the following categories: under 40, 41-50, 51-60 and 61 and older. Premiums will increase according to your age category. Some provinces may charge mandatory sales tax. Some restrictions may apply.

Calculator Input Fields

Please enter the following fields and click Calculate to find the cost of coverage by the MyCare Insurance Program.

** If you are applying for Couple or Family coverage, please use the age of the oldest applicant.

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